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Best Practices

Design system components are created with an atomic structure, with a separate structure for each component.

Well organized

Figma pages and frames are well-structured and named. Can be easily adopted to meet your needs

Easy to customize

Create by dragging and dropping from a library. Change color mode, variables, styles and typography

Design 10x faster with pre-made
component library based on latest UI standards

Ready-made components and patterns. We will continue to add new patterns based on a well-tested methodology. They consist of intuitive and reusable building blocks that are created to work together, resulting in great user experiences.

ui web components design, ui kit

Hand picked icons

You can use any icon library. In this file we added free version of Hugeicons by Halallab agency

ui icons set
Final UI banner

No junks of variants,
Only practical

We understand that making too many style changes for your needs is a time-consuming task. That's why we have decided to include only essential colors, such as the main primary color, along with a few accent colors for feedbacks.

  • ✅ Lightweight figma file
  • ✅ Well organized and structured
  • ✅ Comprehensive atomic design

Easily customize
however you want

Change color mode of any component with single click. Thanks to Figma's variables feature. Every component is well crafted with Auto Layout, smart variants and Figma's newest variable features with accessibility in mind. We prefer practical use case and UX friendly design rather than too much creativity.

  • ✅ Change typography
  • ✅ Customize color theme and icons
  • ✅ Change paddings and margins
Finalui website

Pre-made templates

Professionally designed templates and layout examples with light mode and dark mode variants helps to kickstart your next project and save hundreds of hours

Payment ui design screenshot
Telegram messenger ui  design inspiration
Editor tool ui example screenshot
Fintech dashbaord ui page example
CRM admin page Figma example
CRM kanban design interface example
Payment page ui design
Telegram messenger ui  idea inspiration
Editor tool ui
Payment ui design screenshot
Telegram messenger ui  design inspiration
Editor tool ui example screenshot
Fintech dashbaord ui page example
CRM admin page Figma example
CRM kanban design interface example
Payment page ui design
Telegram messenger ui  idea inspiration
Editor tool ui
File manager app design example screenshot
Customers list ui admin design idea inspiration
Settings page for admin Figma example
Messenger app user profile screen
Admin ui example
File hosting ui screenshot
Filemanager hosting template screenshot
Education template example
Table list design ui Figma example

Reviewed by UX Designers

During my career, I have used many UI Kits. What caught my attention is that there are not so many elements but rather practical and useful ones. Moreover, a final UI can help to bring speed to every project, saving time in the design process.

Jamshid Alizoda

Product Designer at Zaytuntech

This design system is very easy to set up and work with. The minimalistic design makes it very easy to use and customize. I love the examples of how to use the components and the fact that it comes with the dark mode, simply awesome work.

Abdulaziz Bekturdiev

Founder & CEO at UXD agency

Elevate your SaaS project design with Final UI! Packed with tons of components, easy-to-use variables, and page examples. Experience the power of FinalUI and take your SaaS projects to the next level.


Product Designer

Final UI is a top design system for web apps, known for its emphasis on best practices, atomic design, and practicality. It offers structured templates and seamless adaptability to light/dark themes, beneficial for both individual designers and teams.

Svetozar Milashevich

Product Designer

Any Questions?

Considering Finalui Design System? Explore our FAQ section for answers to common questions about it. Or feel free to ask via Email

What is Finalui Design System

1. Final UI (finalui) is Figma file, which includes all kind of user-interface components, ready made layouts and templates for any use case. Apart from that, we support and guide You during Your design proccess.

2. Finalui Design System & UI kit saves your time usually spent on building the same components over and over again. It is based on best practices which helps Your dev team also to understand how to create UI for project. It can 10x your workflow.

Is there a dark mode version?

Yes!, Finalui Design System supports Figma's color variables and dark mode. Variables allow you to switch any frame, layout, or page to dark mode with a single click

Will there be future updates and how does it work?

Yes, we release updated version every month. You will get free update during 1 Year only.

After each update, we'll send you an email about what's added or changed and We will post on Linkedin also. Please Follow us

What makes it difference from other Design Systems?

There are many Design Systems and UI libraries out there. Many UI kits on Figma community and on marketplace websites. So, why another Design system would be needed? Here are reasons:

1. Many UI kits on the internet are not practical in terms of Development. They have 'fancy' styles, which makes them 'beautiful', But once you start building actual application you definatelly will need re-create many things

2. Most of well promoted Design Systems have too many useless color styles and variants, which makes them too 'heavy'. In fact You may never use 80% of variants in reality.

3. Most of other Design Systems does NOT show examples of components, How to use and when to use them. But, in Finalui we are regularly adding examples of Admin dashboard, Applications and other use cases.

What is your refund policy?

If there is any issue with the file, let us know via within 30-days and we'll issue a full refund. Please note we cannot issue a refund if you simply change your mind after purchasing or are unfamiliar with Figma's features.

You'll no longer be able to use Finalui in any projects if we issue a refund

Can I use Finalui for commercial projects?

Sure! you can use it for any commercial product, for ex.: websites, apps, or client projects.
But You are NOT allowed to: Re-sell, sublicense, distribute, or grant rights to the files or assets within the files (in original or modified form).

Is there a free version available?

We will publish some of our free UI kits on Figma community, You can follow us on Figma community and social media to get notified about templates
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